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Intuitive Portrait

I am an intuitive artist and I have always had a deep love for portraiture. There is this feeling of connectedness that is indescribable whenever I create a piece someone. Not only that but I have the ability to see the divinity in someone without judgement. I’ve had an obsession with making people “otherworldly” because I see people that way in my minds eye.

My art is predominately intuitive, meaning I either hear, see, or feel my way through a piece without very much logical thought, ideas, symbols, colors and images show up and if I feel peace with what shows up I include that in the image.

I recently decided to combine both of these gifts after deeply searching myself psyche for what I have to offer this world.

My goal is to allow my subjects to see themselves as beings with a direct connection to Source, God, the Universe, and/or their Higher Self. I have learned that the more I feel that I am connected to source energy the more am able to expand my view of the world around me. That expansion opens your heart to infinite possibilities and creates room for miracles.

Once the portrait is complete I will be sending you the digital file. I can also order and ship prints of the portrait. Print Costs vary. For Couple or family portraits please email me peathefeary@gmail for pricing.