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Work with Me


Intuitive Energy Snapshot

Intuitive Energy Snapshots (example above) are a glimpse into the “taste” of your field, and a symbolic reflection of you.

My art is predominately intuitive, meaning I either hear, see, or feel my way through a piece without very much logical thought, ideas, symbols, colors and images show up and if I feel peace with what shows up I include that in the image.

My goal is to allow my subjects to see themselves as beings with a direct connection to Source, God, the Universe, their Higher Self. I have learned that the more I feel that I am connected to source energy the more am able to expand my view of the world around me. That expansion opens your heart to infinite possibilities and creates room for miracles.

Once the snapshot is complete I will be sending you the digital file or an 8x10 print. Print Costs vary. For couple or family snapshots please email me at for pricing.

Super Selfies

Get my work on your selfie! $45 please email me for availability.